About Us
Tomlinson Global

Tomlinson Global Services, LLC is a recognized global consulting firm specializing in managing and conducting sensitive business investigations. Our clients are from almost all geographic regions of the world and use us to develop factual information, intelligence, security and investment data for due diligence or to track and retrieve financial assets. We provide clients with business intelligence to support their strategic growth plans and execution. We assist in personal security and manage kidnap and ransom situations.

Who are our typical client? Our clients range from high net worth individuals to global corporations and key law firms. In some select cases we work to track financial assets for governments where funds have been illegally taken out of the country because of fraud and abuse. This includes tracking assets of former Heads of State to retrieve funds for the current government.

Why engage Tomlinson Global Services, LLC? We have resources in almost all countries and jurisdictions around the world to support our activities. These resources handle sensitive, private matters with the security and respect due our clients. We have the credentials and government licenses where required and conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We are interested in acquiring judgments and arbitration awards from clients who do not wish to pursue them or do not have the financial resources to be successful. Contact: Earl Tomlinson 469-766-5430 or email at earl@earltomlinson.com.

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